BF North America

Importer And
Master Distributor
Specializing In
Construction And
Industrial Fastener

BF North America

Factory Direct to Distributors

We can import a large selection of industrial and construction fasteners in addition to our standard product line of premium fasteners in steel and stainless steel. Private labeling of containers is also available.

Inventory Availability to Distributors

BFNA has significant storage capacity and state of art inventory management. When combined with freight carriers and routing service, BFNA is able to significantly reduce delivery time.

Custom Packaging

We offer different options to our distributors through value-addedservices. Upon request, packaging is available in different sizes, materials, and with variable labeling options. Bulk product can also be optimized to help meet customer needs.


We offer expert engineering services to ensure your products meet specifications, with the highest standard of quality assurance.

Quality Assurance

BFNA goes to great lengths to ensure that all of our orders are placed within exact specifications. Our engineering department uses rigor and due diligence to ensure that the manufacturing process adheres to strict industry standards.

The Laboratory Testing of BFNA makes use of the most advanced fastener inspection equipment available today. Variable thread measuring systems are utilized, with all results automatically checked against applicable specifications and standards. Custom programming has been developed and implemented for digital capture and storage of data.

Our Measurement and Test Capabilities include:

  • Tensile Strength
  • Proof Load
  • Rockwell Hardness
  • Thread Functional Diameter
  • Thread Major Diameter
  • Socket Broach Depth
  • Angles and Radii
  • Linear Measurements
  • Diameter Measurements
Our Technicians are fully trained and certified in the operation of all measuring and test equipment, as well as data collection software.

BF North America
Product Line

Construction Screws

  • Self Drilling Screws
  • Drywall Screws
  • Post Frame Screws
  • Wood Working Screws
  • Concrete Screws
  • Clip Screws
  • Deck Screws
  • Needle Point Screws
  • Aluminum Industry Screws
  • Washers And Bits
  • Threaded Rod

Industrial Line

  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers


  • Stud Wedge Anchors
  • Bolt Sleeve Anchors
  • Drop-In Anchors
  • Self-Drilling Anchors
  • Expansion Shields
  • Lag Shields
  • Wood Screw Anchors
  • Machine Screw Anchors
  • Hammer Drives
  • Split Drive Anchors
  • Drive Pins

Our Story

BF North America is an importer and master distributor specializing in Construction and Industrial Fasteners. BFNA was formed in 2016 from a strategical partnership between CISER Manufacturer and Ascensus Logistics. CISER the largest manufacturer of fasteners in Latin America.

Located in Brazil, CISER sells products to various sectors such as the metal-mechanical area, electrical-hardware, agribusiness, automotive, white and brown goods, oil and gas industries, electronics, rail, furniture, retail and wholesale sectors.

Operating since 2001, Ascensus stands out in the market thanks to excellent results from managing the entire chain of international trade. Ascensus offers personalized services and targeted solutions to meet the needs of each company while continuing to improve performance in imports and exports.

Boosting a modern infrastructure and a specialized staff made up of executives and consultants with over 20 years of experience, Ascensus is focused on reducing tax costs, and financial and logistical foreign trade operations. Operating throughout Brazil, Ascensus has experience and performance in various market segments including food, automotive, ceramics, electronics, energy, drug, infrastructure, nautical, plastic, chemical, steel and retail.

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